VIDEO|Pride Parade, yell out for equality

On November 7, 2015, Hong Kong Pride Parade started from Victoria Park to Tamar Park. The parade is an annual march in Hong Kong. This year, the theme is “Yell Out For Equality” and the mascot is two yellow giraffes for the Cantonese idiom “waiting until the neck becomes long.”

LGBT has been waiting for over 20 years to eliminate the discrimination, but the fights are not easy. Counterforce is still strong, such conservative religion power and financial group.

Every time, I was deeply touched after talking with LGBTIQ people. It becomes clear that the biggest problem is not objection but blindness. Equality of race, gender and sexual orientation, all of them should be earned by hard efforts if needed.

Thus, to do something and to be seen. Believe after the storm comes the rainbow.

.  .  .


Story on the parade will be published soon.

YANG Yuqing



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