DATA | Variety vs. The Hollywood Reporter

Variety is a weekly entertainment publication on movies, television, theater, music and technology. It was founded in 1905 and its headquarter is in Los Angeles, California.

图片 1(the cover of Variety’s latest issue)

One of its strongest competitors is The Hollywood Reporter (THR), founded in 1930 and also based in LA. These are two leading US media organizations in the motion picture and entertainment industry. Thus, the analysis intends to compare their social media platforms, especially their Facebook and Twitter.

2 (the covers of Hollywood Reporter’s latest issue)




Twitter (Up to May 1) Variety The Hollywood Reporter
Created time 20/11/2008 17/11/2008
Amount of followers 1,331,160 1,956,813
Average amount of followers of twitter followers 2,026 759
Amount of posts 131,846 201,615
Posts per day 48 74

Basically, Variety and THR launched their Twitter accounts at the similar time, but the latter has more tweets and 0.6 million followers more than the former. However, Variety’s followers tend to have much more followers than those of THR. It means that generally Variety’s followers are more influential than THR’s, since Variety was originally written for entertainment executives.

Then, their newest 5000 Twitter followers will be analyzed and compared.

(Left-Variety, Right-THR: the amount of followers of the followers)


(Left-Variety, Right-THR: followers’ recencies)

Variety has higher proportion of audience who has been active in the last 24 hours, and lower who hasn’t been active for more than one year.

(Top keywords – Variety)
(Top keywords – THR)

From the bar charts and the word clouds, it can be seen that Variety and THR’s audiences are interested in similar words. It is easy to understand since both of these two media focus on the same industry and share many similarities.



(Variety and THR’s homepages on May 2)





In terms of the location, both media’s followers are concentrated in the United States, especially cross the eastern and western areas. Europe is another center. Besides, THR has more audience in India than Variety.





There are about 1 million users who have liked Variety’s Facebook page and 1.78 million for THR’s page.

During April 14 to 28, the number of THR’s posts are two times more than Variety, and its total engagement is about three times of Variety’s. Variety has two types of posts, including link and video, while THR has the third type – photo. Generally, link can gain more engagement than other types.

Facebook posts

(During 14/4 – 28/4)

Variety The Hollywood Reporter
Total number 311 679
Posts per day 22 48
Type link Video link photo video
Quantity 306 5 636 8 35
Total engagement by type 158,199 3,156 378,609 1,540 85,768
Total engagement 161,355 465,917
Average likes 370.4118 507.4000 458.0741 173.5000 1102.0000
Average comments 27.03268 44.80000 33.63565 5.75000 72.05714
Average shares 119.5458 79.0000 105.4653 13.2500 1276.457
Most engaging post Prince’s “Purple Rain” is coming back to theaters “Remembering Prince: A look back at the icon’s life in music and on film.”
Type & Date Link 22/4 Video 22/4
Total engagement 7,772 56,940



THR’s traffic peak hour lays on Friday’s noon, while Variety’s on 1 pm on Saturday and 5 pm on Thursday. Besides, the latter has other lower peaks, such as 8 pm on Saturday and 8 am on Saturday.



Variety and The Hollywood Reporter have been competing to be the primary guide for the Hollywood entertainment biz. According to SimilarWeb, in spite of longer history, the ranking of is declining compared to


Faced with the situation, Variety needs to figure out how to improve itself and tries to win in the battle.


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