VISUAL | 我给黄耀明拍了照

7月5日,帮忙拍摄了一场关于音乐的活动。第一次可以如此近距离且光明正大地对着明哥狂按快门键。 Advertisements

OPINION | 不想只在骄傲节谈LGBT

(Credit:上海骄傲节豆瓣) 一直都觉得上海骄傲节很熟悉。 可能是因为微信里一个萍水相逢的姑娘,曾经是上海骄傲节的志愿者。之后她去了美国留学,再之后她就在朋友圈里出柜了。 昨晚是2016上海骄傲节的第一场活动——彩虹说(Pride Talk)。十位演讲嘉宾,每人二十页PPT,每页二十秒。原本以为是催人泪下的出柜仪式,结果却发现是一场打开新世界大门的分享会。

OPINION | 为什么我在看了一个女性摄影展之后就炸了

(Photo credit: Reuters) 昨天看了个展。安妮·莱博维茨(Annie Leibovitz)的摄影展《女性·新影像》(Women: New Portraits) 。 几天前,一瑞士姑娘力荐此展的时候说,莱博维茨很厉害也很有个性,在选址的时候特地避开常规场所,选了一处被废弃的工业楼。在里面办起展来,还真像那么回事儿。

DATA | Hong Kong film industry is aging along with the society

Tam Pok Man, 20 years old, is a freelance filmmaker and photographer in Hong Kong. He shoots for events, makes short films as well as documentaries. Ten deals a month and one thousand HK dollars for each, he is able to make ends meet for the moment. Even with a degree in filmmaking and being…

Art Critique | Brook Andrew’s latest creation: large scale but weak expression

It is Art Basel’s fourth year in Hong Kong and the first time it has shown Brook Andrew. Inspired by the Australia Aboriginal heritage, he intends to call attention to colonialism and its forgotten histories through this large-scale installation, “Building (Eating) Empire”. However, the actual piece fails to match his ambition. As one of the…

SupChina | Three generations of red

Why my grandfather, father and I joined the Communist Party of China. ___________________________ Published on Feb.2015 / (PIC by Nick Ogonosky) At the ceremony celebrating my admission to the Communist Party of China, I stood on the stage in a hall at my university, saluting with my right fist near my ear. My oath of loyalty…

Placenta: is it a normal organ or magical panacea?

Zhang Xiaoqing, 29-year-old, gave birth to a baby girl in a Shanghai hospital last weekend. Before she was discharged, her mother-in-law asked the hospital for Zhang’s placenta but got refused. “Why do you want to take it home? It is useless anyway,” said the hospital.


Every day at 7 pm, old-fashioned music fills Hongkou Football Stadium as more than 100 people sway to the beat. The dancers, mostly women, stand in rows and perform a series of simple but well-timed moves. Two steps forward. Two steps back. Turn around. And clap. They repeat this routine until the music coming through…

Welcome to my city: Shanghai greeters

Lily Wong (second left), the founder of the organization, recently serves as a guide for a Portuguesecouple (two in the middle) during a walking tour in May. photo provided to Shanghai Star .  .  .  They are greeters, a community of volunteers who delight in showing visitors around their hometown. Yu Ran and Yang Yuqing find out the attractions of the job.

TRAVEL|Shaoxing Alive

Shaoxing, a 2,500-year-old city dubbed the “Venice of the East” in Zhejiang province, has kept its vigor and vitality, with the scent of rice wine carrying on the wind and boats bobbing on the water. In the old streets, the narrow lanes are paved with granite and the two-story houses have quaint, grey-tiled roofs. Slip…