OPINION | 不想只在骄傲节谈LGBT

(Credit:上海骄傲节豆瓣) 一直都觉得上海骄傲节很熟悉。 可能是因为微信里一个萍水相逢的姑娘,曾经是上海骄傲节的志愿者。之后她去了美国留学,再之后她就在朋友圈里出柜了。 昨晚是2016上海骄傲节的第一场活动——彩虹说(Pride Talk)。十位演讲嘉宾,每人二十页PPT,每页二十秒。原本以为是催人泪下的出柜仪式,结果却发现是一场打开新世界大门的分享会。 Advertisements

VIDEO|Street performance in HK

In the past, the street performers were allowed to perform in the Mong Kok 24 hours every day. However, due to some noise complaints, the district council shortened the time to 4pm-10pm on weekends. Do residents like the street performance? Is it really that noisy? Has the restrictions made any effect? Does the government support the…

Pride parade done but fight for LGBTI to be continued

On November 7, 50-year-old Small Luk, with beautiful long hair to her waist, put on a long grey cotton dress and a light checked shirt. Having been considered as a man for forty years, she held the banner which read “Stand up for Diversity. Stand up for Intersex.” and stood on the stage of 2015…

VIDEO|Pride Parade, yell out for equality

On November 7, 2015, Hong Kong Pride Parade started from Victoria Park to Tamar Park. The parade is an annual march in Hong Kong. This year, the theme is “Yell Out For Equality” and the mascot is two yellow giraffes for the Cantonese idiom “waiting until the neck becomes long.”

What are you feeding them

Chinese consumers angered at the recent news that fast food chains were using meat beyond their expiry dates have even more cause for concern. The threat may have already infiltrated their home, in the food they feed their pets. Even before KFC, McDonald’s and Starbucks were allegedly found guilty of using out-of-date meat, the safety…