OPINION | 为什么我在看了一个女性摄影展之后就炸了

(Photo credit: Reuters) 昨天看了个展。安妮·莱博维茨(Annie Leibovitz)的摄影展《女性·新影像》(Women: New Portraits) 。 几天前,一瑞士姑娘力荐此展的时候说,莱博维茨很厉害也很有个性,在选址的时候特地避开常规场所,选了一处被废弃的工业楼。在里面办起展来,还真像那么回事儿。 Advertisements

Art Critique | Brook Andrew’s latest creation: large scale but weak expression

It is Art Basel’s fourth year in Hong Kong and the first time it has shown Brook Andrew. Inspired by the Australia Aboriginal heritage, he intends to call attention to colonialism and its forgotten histories through this large-scale installation, “Building (Eating) Empire”. However, the actual piece fails to match his ambition. As one of the…